Flower bulbs

Also for the storage of flower bulbs Geerlofs Refrigeration has the right solution. Whether you need storage, drying or preparation, we know your product. Especially with flower bulbs the turn key approach is important as cooling, heating, ventilation as well as the building itself are equally important and you don’t want to talk to more than one provider on getting what you need.


Ventilation and heating

For storage in crates with one and two layer ventilation we supply pressure walls in combination with hatches, the control of the hatches and the means to create over pressure. The fresh air is guided through the evaporators with the use of a special isolated mixing valve. To prevent acidification of the bulbs, over sized exhaust openings that open at overpressure take care of the removal of ‘used’ air. A heating spiral is integrated in the evaporator to enable a large temperature range and thus creating a drying function.


Different kind of bulbs

For tulip bulbs, a more dry environment is created while lily’s are stored below zero degrees Celsius and with high humidity. And also for narcissus, ice tulips and planted tulips feel at home in a Geerlofs store.

Automatic control

Bulb storage needs excellent automatic control. As explained above many parameters have an influence on the quality of the bulbs: refrigeration, fresh air supply and heating. The Gispro® PLC control takes care of this. CO2, ethylene and inside and outside conditions are measured and taken in to account when driving the system. With the use of optional frequency control and EC fans we increase efficiency and together with selecting the right key components a high COP and thus low energy use is achieved. With our own software engineers Geerlofs takes an overall view.

Panel sliding doors

Especially for storage in crates, Geerlofs Refrigeration has developed panel sliding doors. With these an entire wall can be opened for easy and effective placement of crates in front of the pressure wall. The combination with the solid construction and high isolation value of Geerlofs sliding doors, the use of these has the right finishing touch.


The advantages of Geerlofs

  • The combination of knowledge of flower bulbs and expertise in drying, refrigeration and control technology leads to a higher product quality and higher revenue.
  • Design, assembly, installation and service in one hand.
  • Complete overview and control comfort with Gispro®.