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    Geerlofs Refrigeration 85 years

    This year Geerlofs Refrigeration celebrates its 85th birthday. Something to notice as there are not many companies in industrial refrigeration of such an age. And where people are considered to be ‘aged’, we are getting younger all the time. In 1933 Mr. R. Geerlofs founded the company and it remained in the family for three...

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    NH3 pump refrigeration system for slaughterhouse T. Boer & Zn

    With an experience of almost a century and a half, T. Boer & zn operates a slaughtery of about 400.000 units per year. Traditional craftmanship of 400 employees is essential every day again. Royal Warrant Holder T. Boer & zn is an integral member of the VanDrie Group: the world's largest integrated calf group with...

  • Geerlofs_Agrico_potatoes

    Agrico invests yet another time with Geerlofs as refrigeration partner

    Not even a half year after commissioning the new laboratory for Agrico Research in the city of Bant, Geerlofs was asked to execute a new project for this leading potato company. “From the seedling to the supermarket shelf”, that is Agrico. A powerful cooperation that has evolved into an organization that markets potatoes all over...

  • Geerlofs_HZPC_aardappelen

    ZOS / HZPC: potato storage with Geerlofs ammonia pump refrigeration system

    ZOS is a potato storage and transhipment company. With a total storage capacity of 30.000 tons it is a leading company in potato sorting, storage, packaging and transportation. ZOS is part of the HZPC group of companies, the famous player in potato breeding.

  • Geerlofs_Avoird_nieuws

    Again extending Avoird Flower Bulbs in Lemmer, The Netherlands

    Almost 30 years ago Geerlofs built the first cold store for lily’s for the company Van der Avoird. In 1993 when the company burnt down during a big fire, the obvious chose was to allow Geerlofs to rebuild the storage facilities.

  • Geerlofs_Huisstede_Van

    Rafterless building for Van Huisstede meat processing being doubled in size

    Back in 2002 Geerlofs has built a turn key facility for Van Huisstede meat processing in the beautiful city of Dronrijp in the North of Holland. Gisopanel® insulated panels has been used for decades in energy friendly buildings. Thanks to the specific properties Gisopanel® can be intergrated into the complete construction of the...

  • Geerlofs_vacuumkoeler_luchthaven

    Airport pharma center at MST Airport by Geerlofs

    In the air cargo industry Geerlofs is an established name. Whether we talk about the perishable center Changi Coolport for SATS, a vacuum cooler used by Lufthansa at Frankfurt Airport or cold stores for KLM at Schiphol Airport. Or even precooling of roses at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta Airport or storage of meat at Mekele Ethiopia:...

  • Geerlofs_Schoneveld_Breeding

    Schoneveld Breeding: PlantXperience

    Schoneveld Breeding was established in 1930 and specializes in breeding cold-loving pot plants such as Cyclamen, Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula. The company has grown into a major player. And is growing further: the existing location is now too small to house the future. A completely new building is being erected with a state-of-...

  • Bakker The Netherlands again chooses Geerlofs Refrigeration as partner

    Back in 1994, Geerlofs already built the storage facility for company Bakker. Bakker is specialized in growing potatoes, onions and carrots. A good storage is vital to the economics of the business and allows the farmer to store the produce for a long period and thus gives him the opportunity to sell at the best market conditions.